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  • Yan Lin

    Thursday Yin Yoga has consistently been one of the highlights of my week since my first lesson with Desiree. Every lesson has been a fresh, gentle invitation to be as you are, on the mat. It's been a lovely, relaxing yet profound journey and one that I look forward to continue exploring.

  • Inis

    I had a session on Monday morning with Cat and it was excellent. She adjusted quickly to my needs in just the right way, and I felt the positive impact the whole day.

  • Beck

    Had an awesome session with Vivian in this little light filled studio. It was exactly the right tempo and I was so grateful given it had been a long day. Would definitely come back!

  • Taka

    I really like Vaishali's class. Her sequences help loosen up my tensions and leave me feeling tranquil afterwards.

  • Jet

    Yoga in Common is the place where I discovered my inner love of yoga. With professional and gentle guidance from teachers, so many impossibles turned possible for me, in just a year of practice. My experience was empowering and I'm so happy I joined!

  • Angela

    The incorporation of singing bowls and vocal sounds in the yoga practice was a beautiful experience. I am leaving class feeling more balanced and relaxed. Yoga with Sound is a great way to start a Saturday afternoon!

  • J Yeo

    Summer is really patient, and relates authentically to me and her students. I am so grateful to have met her while she was visiting Yoga in Common. After three weeks of Mysore practice under Summer's gentle guidance, I feel confident and strong. She also taught me many valuable ways to honour the integrity of the poses. This space + Summer made me fall in love with yoga all over again!

Najiah - Mindful Flow

Najiah has found yoga an amazing tool to keep sane in life when every day situations tend to throw her off balance and is very grateful for that. She enjoys moving with mindfulness and is always encouraged by finding a deeper connection with the body and mind in each practice.  She’s thankful to have found the practice that is not just physically beneficial for the body but also makes her a better person. Najiah has studied Yoga above and beyond the 200 hours, having done Yoga Medicine with  Tiffany Cruikshank, Balanced Body: Pilates Mat 1 & 2, Pilates Reformers 1 with The Movement Academy, Singapore.

Cat - Hatha and Yin

Cat started to practice yoga in Amsterdam over 10 years ago to calm her from the stresses of TV production. Cat then deepened her practice 7 years ago whilst pregnant in San Francisco which she found helped her so much during pregnancy and labour. On returning to the UK, Cat strengthened her practice in Jivamukti. At the end of 2016 Cat and her family jumped at the opportunity to move to Singapore. Cat completed her YTT with Dr. Venky’s Shivshakti Yoga Institute and her RCYS in Children’s Teacher Training. Cat’s foundations to her practice are Hatha and Yin with attention to the breath and alignment. Cat believes yoga is for everybody and hopes that everyone benefits from her classes. To become more in-tune with ourselves, the mind and the body, to be a better person and to be more aware of the wonderful world around us

Derick - Kundalini and Meditation

During 2012, Derick begin his journey to seek soul fulfillment, happiness and love through various programs or lessons. He was brought to a Kundalini yoga class through a friend’s recommendation and after attending 3 classes, he knew he had found his very own Yoga. After regular practice of Meditation, Breathwork and Kundalini yoga over the last 3 years, he experienced a huge transformation in his life which calls him to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. He has completed his 200 hours teacher’s training in Rishikesh and is currently working to spread the awareness of Kundalini Yoga in hope to inspire more people to live a happier life. He believes deep within each and every one of us lies the highest truth of Love awaiting to be remembered and his current life purpose is to guide people back to that remembrance.

Felicia - Hatha

Felicia is a dancer by profession. She is a graduate of the prestigious NAFA with a year’s undergraduate dance training at Purchase College in New York.
Her curiosity in the body and movement had led her into exploring yoga as an extension of her dance studies. Felicia received her 200-Hr Vinyasa Teacher’s Accreditation in Samyak, Mysore.  Felicia’s teaching style is supportive and intuitive.  She caters each class to the students who are on the mat at that moment.
Felicia is grateful to have yoga in her life, and hopes to share this practice with others. As a teacher, she hopes to hold a safe and comfortable space for people to connect with their breath, mind and body.

Hwee - Reiki, healing, meditation

Hwee first tried yoga in 2012 and fell in love with the low impact exercise because it was gentle on her injured lower back. Curious to know more about yoga beyond the asanas, she went to one of the oldest Yoga school in the world, G.S College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis, Kaivalydham in India in 2017. She obtained her Hatha teaching certification from both Kaivalydham and Quality Council of India (QCI) by the Indian Yoga Association. Hwee often incorporates meditation and pranayama into her practice and teaching as she believes in a holistic yoga practice. Hwee’s teaching style is gentle, kind and respectful. She also teaches in the Japanese language.

Haryati - Ashtanga/Vinyasa

As it is for many, it was curiosity that first brought Hary to her first yoga class. After many years of practice, she now wants to share her passion of Yoga with others. Hary keeps herself humble with Ashtanga practice.
In addition to her 200 hour training with Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nasik, India, Haryati completed her 100-hour Ashtanga certification with Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldman.
With her serene and quiet demeanour, Hary brings a sense of calm to the classes that she teaches.

Ann - Ashtanga

Ann started yoga because she wanted to be flexible and strong. But she soon discovered that the intangible benefits of yoga far outweighed the physical changes.  Although Ann still leads a fast-paced corporate life, she finds that yoga has given her the balance and clarity to cope. Ann has dedicated herself to Ashtanga since 2014 and has practised with pioneer Ashtanga teachers such as Sawaswathi Jois, Nancy Gilgoff and David Swenson.

Guiding students to find that seed of consciousness in their practice is her mission as a teacher.  Ann has been described as friendly, caring and warm. And she welcomes anyone and everyone to her class.

Gabi - Vinyasa and Yin

Gabi is a teacher in many ways. At school she is responsible for the wellbeing of her students, as a scuba diving instructor and teacher trainer, she introduces people to the beauty of the underwater world. As a yoga teacher, she loves merging inner awareness and asana practice to complete the yoga experience.
Gabi is influenced not just by a traditional Hatha practice, but also by Ashtanga, Yin, Forrest Yoga and Kundalini breath and energy work, all of which give her teaching depth and variety.
Gabi believes in the healing aspects of Yoga. She says that “Yoga provides us with a holistic, integral system to practise the qualities of integrity, strength, flexibility, compassion, relaxation, joy and love, so that we can create a fulfilling life full of wellbeing inside and out.”

Joyce - Ashtanga

Joyce admits that she is a late-bloomer. She started her practice with totally no experience in Ashtanga Yoga in 2014. And like many dedicated Ashtangis, she fell in love with the practice! The challenges of the physical practice, the control of breath and thus of mind, appeals to her.
Today, Joyce acknowledges that Ashtanga has humbled her as it forces her to face her fears and insecurities. She credits Ashtanga for keeping her grounded and real no matter where she is in her practice. She also finds herself stronger, both physically and mentally, since embarking on her yoga journey. This is an experience that she wishes to share with all of her students, young and old.
With her optimistic and happy personality, Joyce brings a sense of joy to all the classes that she teaches. You will always see Joyce with a beaming smile on her face as she welcomes her students!

Vanessa - Vinyasa and Nidra

Vanessa started on a her yoga journey with one goal in mind: to lose 15kgs. What started out to be a highly personal journey has led her to complete a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Vanessa is ever ready to open her heart to her students.

Vanessa started her wandering life in the year 2000, travelling solo through Europe, USA, Australia, to eventually back home to Asia: India, China, and Southeast Asia including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines.

During this time, Vanessa was trained under many lineages of yoga, including Yoga Nidra & Ashtanga; training with Adeline Tien in Restorative yoga; with Trish Corley Baptiste-Certified Teacher in Baptiste Inspired Power Vinyasa; by Lisa Powers in Reiki Levels 1, 2 & Master Level; and with her most recent training in Phuket, Thailand with Baron Baptiste’s Level 1: Journey into Power, with Baron Baptiste.

Vanessa’s life’s memories, stories and experiences have taught her to always stay grateful, humble & live in the moment. She is happy to be able to share your yoga journey at YIC.

Maya - Hatha

Maya is deeply passionate about helping others discover and harness the mind-body-heart connection through yoga. She believes that the power of yoga extends far beyond the mat. To her, yoga is ultimately about cultivating a greater sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance, which in turn translates into more purposeful living and more meaningful relationships. Maya seeks to empower students to better understand and respect their unique bodies, so that they can build a practice that feels personal and nourishing to them. In her classes, she emphasises finding a balance between effort and ease by including fun and challenging poses, as well as deep relaxation. You can always expect to feel welcome and encouraged by her warm and compassionate disposition!