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Embodied Breathwork

Sun Mar 21, 28 & Apr 4
10.00 – 11.30 am

Working with the breath is something anyone can do, regardless of age, physical fitness or mobility. It is a powerful personal practice that brings self-awareness, space, grounding and transformation. Breathing can also support the disciplines of yoga, tai chi, qi gong, martial arts, dance, movement, exercise and sports. The series is structured as a journey from Outer to Inner, beginning with external respiration and moving inward to the internal processes of respiration. Each session can be attended individually, but each supports the next, so attending all three will give you the fullest experience and the most support. Workshop 1 covers Structures and Diaphragms; Workshop 2 on Pathways or Lungs and Workshop 3, Process or Cells.

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Ashtanga Foundations Course

24 Apr – 9 May
Sat, 2 pm; Sun, 10 am

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional yoga practice that originated in Mysore, India. At YIC, Ashtanga Yoga is categorised under Classical style and is taught in two ways: Ashtanga Mysore style and Guided Ashtanga style, in the tradition of Pattabhi Jois.

Our Course is recommended for beginners to Ashtanga or even to yoga in general – it will familiarise you with the foundational postures of Ashtanga Yoga. We will also cover a brief history of the practice, the key principles, and the importance of breath in your practice.

Through a patient and dedicated practice, you can achieve stillness of mind combined with strength and flexibility in the body. Come with a curious mind, and a willingness to learn and look within. At the end of the course, we invite you to join our Ashtanga Mysore classes and continue with your learning journey.

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TULA Urban Retreat

Sun 25 April
11am – 4:30pm

True balance comes from the harmonious integration of the mind, the body, and the space that these parts of our being inhabit. This holistic philosophy is at the heart of Tula – an upcoming urban retreat that Yoga in Common and MASE Lifestyle have collaborated to create for those seeking to go within. Tula is intended to immerse every part of you in a state of deep embodied presence and balance.

Our curated itinerary of nurturing yoga and sound healing sessions will bathe you in a state of calmness. You’ll also be treated to a healthy lunch spread that includes delicious Probiotic beverages to rejuvenate your gut microbiome and revitalize your body as a whole.

Experience the magic of the Mind-Body-Space method with MASE Lifestyle’s founder, Mae. During the retreat, expect to delve deep into the details of the Mind-Body-Space method with Mae herself, accompanied by a panel of other wellness experts, who will introduce you to tools and practices to further enrich both your inner and outer space so that you can live with ease, balance and harmony.

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