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Special Yin Series: Qualities of Love with Derrick Tan

12 – 26 Sep
10 – 11.30 am

This is a contemplative series that invites us to reflect upon the Qualities of Love through Yin Yoga. Over 3 Sundays, our teacher Derrick will guide you through postures, guided meditation, and an introspective practice to explore what love means to you, as well as to affirm a love that nourishes and sustains, and one that supports your whole well-being.

We invite you to join us in our serene space for a meaningful practice that is a much needed reprieve from the challenges that we face in these changing times.

Your investment: $35 per drop in or $90 for series of 3

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Workshop Series: Vinyasa Fundamentals with Hary

Sunday 8 – 29 Aug
10.15 – 11.30 am

Back by popular demand, we are back with this 4-part series to explore the fundamentals of a Vinyasa practice. This is a class for everyone – whether you are a beginner to vinyasa or flow, or if you are a regular practitioner who wishes to refine or revisit your practice. Through years of teaching and observation, Hary believes that a familiarity with the fundamentals of Vinyasa will enable a student to get more out of a class – whether it is to reap the most benefits from the poses; to be graceful or exploratory in motion; to have fun through familiarity with popular sequences; or most importantly, to transition safely in and out of poses and preserve the longevity of your yoga practice. Your Investment: $4-classes (highly recommended): $165; Single class: $45

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Saturday 11 Sept
7.30 am – 1 pm

YIC loves Super Farmers – an organisation founded by Cynthea Lam, whose belief that good nutrition forms the cornerstone of good health resonates so closely with YIC’s philosophy of Wellness. We are super excited to combine the benefits of yoga with the science of nutrition to cook up an event that that nourishes and sustains our body and promotes general wellbeing. Both yoga and food have such a tremendous impact on our emotional and physical well being that makes this pairing a match made in heaven. This is a wonderful event that includes a morning yoga session with Hary, a cooking course at Super Farmers and a delicious long lunch.

Your investment: $280 per person (includes an Early Bird ‘Tote & Tea’ for sign-ups before 1st September)

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