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Using the vibrational effects of the Gong to cure ailment and pain, as well as to relieve anxiety and stress, is an ancient form of remedy.  It is only very recently that we have adopted the Gong as a healing tool in the modern world.

In this soul enriching practice, the sublime sounds of the gong will reverberate though the studio and through your body.  It is believed that we will all feel the effects of the Gong differently but everyone agrees that it is an experience that is uniquely awesome and life affirming!
In the first of the classes (20/4/2019), Manale will lead the class in a flow. You will do your sun salutations to the chimes of the gong and immerse yourself in movement and healing vibrations.  Manale will lead you into the second half of the class with nourishing Yin poses.  Feel the lengthening of your body and be guided into deep stretches as the Gong plays on and reverberates through parts of your body that need healing.
In the second class of the series (27/4/2019), you will flow at your own pace and in your own time, without cues from the teacher.  The gong will play all the way through as you go through your own sun salutations or move through your own series of asanas.  Let your mind and body move at will, and let the gong provide the guiding sounds.  Rest in an extended savasana to the healing frequency of the gong and wake up feeling refreshed and rested.
Note: This is a very special limited series of 2 classes led by Manale.  Mats are limited so sign up early. 
20 April 2019 | Led Move + Gong | 6.30pm – 7.30pm
27 April 2019 | Self Move + Gong | 6.30pm – 7.30pm


About Manale

Manale discovered yoga during a stressful time in her professional practice. At that time, she was also a new mum and needed something to get her back into shape. Yoga had helped her get through some challenging times but had unexpectedly become an integral part of her life.
Now, she is navigating her career path towards a more holistic, loving and powerful one by teaching yoga.
Drawing on her personal experiences as a lawyer, mum, expat, entrepreneur and cross-border business consultant, she empowers people to grow on and off the mat and invites them to find harmony and balance in all aspects of life.

She believes that life is not always about success and victories. It is about acknowledging our vulnerability, being ready to fall and fail, and to always grow.  Students have described Manale as uplifting, optimistic, happy and inspiring!