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Uncovering the Peace and Power Within Your Soul

In this workshop participants will be led to create intentions for inner peace and address any barriers you may have to feeling peaceful such as fears, stress and lack of awareness of your blind spots.

You will learn how to access the unexpressed parts of you that drain your energy and keep you in conflict, preventing you from expressing your true creativity, authenticity and full potential.

Self-awareness is one of the most vital stepping stones for developing your spirituality and personal power. This workshop will guide you to deepen your self-awareness and set the stage for you to discover and express your personal power and individuality.

The workshop will help you feel a greater connection with your mind and body as well as understanding of your challenges in relationships and any aspects of your life where there is conflict. With greater awareness and connection, a natural assimilation occurs and with that your power and potential uncover.

This workshop will help you:

– Understand and address self-defeating behaviours
– Identify and heal the root cause of inner conflict
– Release deeply held pain, stress and tension
– Enhance natural positivity and vital force energy
– Unlock and free creative talents and ideas
– Deepen spiritual practice and mindfulness

Through interactive coaching technique, mind-body tools and psycho-spiritual group processes, experience and assimilate hidden parts of your potential and psyche, remove inner barriers to embodying wholeness and learn how to be your most powerful self.

After this workshop, you will find yourself feeling more clarity, deeper happiness, at peace with yourself and energized to create the life you want to lead.

‘Michelle and her capable team lead a very harmonized approach to meditation and reflection which is both powerful and inspirational.’ Germaine Chia, Private Banking Product Manager.

Past Workshop Details

Saturday October 31st, 12-5pm and Saturday November 28th, 12-5pm
Yoga in Common
Price: $150, early bird $135