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Special Yin Series:

Qualities of Love with Derrick Tan

3 Sunday sessions, limited mats available

Members: One Studio Pass
Non Members: $35 per drop in or $90 for series of 3
Time and dates: 10 to 11.30 am (90 min). Sep 12; Sep 19; 26 Sep.

This is a contemplative series that invites us to reflect upon the Qualities of Love through Yin Yoga. Over 3 Sundays, our teacher Derrick will guide you through postures, guided meditation, and an introspective practice to explore what love means to you, as well as to affirm a love that nourishes and sustains, and one that supports your whole well-being.

We invite you to join us in our serene space for a meaningful practice that is a much needed reprieve from the challenges that we face in these changing times.

Sunday 12th September

Week One theme: Unconditional Love

What is classified as unconditional love? Do we give it? Should we expect anything in return? How may we uncover the sweet unconditional quality of Love?

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Sunday 19th September

Week Two theme: Merging Love

How do patterns and boundaries show up in our everyday life? How do we respond to the relationships that we have with ourselves, with others and with our loved ones? How may we uncover the soft merging quality of Love?

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Sunday 26th September

Week Three theme: Precious Love

What is this sense of lack and deficiency that we experience? How do we measure our worth and value? What do we treasure most? How may we uncover the exquisite precious quality of Love?

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About Derrick

Derrick is a curious explorer who traverses the vast yet interconnected realms of embodiment in Sustainable Architecture, Living Design, Mindful Yoga, Wellness Coaching and Plant-based Nourishment. He recognises that with the courage to shift our perceptions and expand our own observer, the topography of life transforms into a profound journey of discovery with authentic textures unfolding in presence, awareness and compassion.

Special note:

This is a non-differentiated mask-on class. Mats and props will be provided.