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Commences 9 Oct 2020


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“I’ve finished Daphne’s embodiment training half a year ago, and I’m still feeling the profound changes in my on-the-mat and off-the-mat practice until today!
Her inquiry-based approach on deep sensing and awareness is such a contemporary and important approach rising above the many yoga schools that are constantly popping up today.
The 2 weeks of her YTT training offered so much more than just cognitive and experiential knowledge of anatomy and asanas, but transformed my deepest sense of awareness in my body. I left feeling like a newborn who never tasted the true feeling of motion, and of being alive and conscious in and of my body. I keep walking, moving and dancing with a sense of pleasure and joy brought about by the awareness and perception of my body as fluid, gentle and a well-integrated unit. Keeping in mind Daphne’s first and last question “What is embodiment to you?” and constantly developing new answers to it :)
I can’t wait for her next training and I highly recommend her to everybody who’s interested in sculpting their yoga from within!”
~ Lucie Krobova, Dancer & Dance Teacher, Amsterdam

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Instructor: Daphne

Instructor: Daphne

Lead Teacher/Trainer

Daphne is a registered yoga therapist, movement educator, bodyworker, and a specialist in somatic therapy. A self-professed geek, She is always exploring underlying principles of the human body and movement patterns as embodied relational beings. Daphne applies principles of kinesiology, somatics, trauma physiology as well as tantric and yoga philosophy in her work. Through therapeutic practices, she helps people cultivate sensory awareness to inhabit their body and embody the adage of a mind-body connection so as to fully experience life. She has helped people of all ages rehabilitate injuries, regain neuro-motor functions, manage chronic pain, and work through trauma. Daphne also creates holistic therapeutic trainings and mentorship programs for individuals, movement educators and healthcare professionals.