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Practice Your Way

Private classes for up to 5 pax

“It was very enjoyable and educational! I loved the pace, and the very personalised practice. I have some areas of stiffness in my body, and group classes sometimes demand too much of me physically. The private sessions were structured to suit me, and I have really felt the difference in my body. It was a treat for myself!” – K.T.
Enjoy a private lesson your way and with your favourite teacher. This is perfect if you want to work on certain aspects of your practice, or if you are not ready to return to a studio class.
You can include 4 of your friends or family to share in the practice.
Private classes can be conducted in-person or via Zoom.
Promotional offer for Private classes:
$50/hr Livestream
$90/hr In-Studio
If you are interested in a private session, please email us at