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Pregnancy is exciting and joyous and yet incredibly daunting at the same time.  As new mothers-to-be, we feel incredibly blessed but most of us would agree that pregnancy comes with a little trepidation.

Apart from the internal dialogue (“Will I be a good mum?” “Will I cope?” etc) we are also confronted by the changes in our bodies! And don’t get us started on those wayward hormones! 

Yoga, combined with good eating habits and a positive outlook, is a wonderful way to keep your body feeling good and your mind balanced.

Here are some reasons to do pre-natal yoga:

1. Movement is good!

Light exercises keep your body active and strong! Yoga stretches your muscles, keeping them supple and long.  All movements facilitate good circulation and this is especially helpful in preventing cramps as we get heavier with each passing month. Gentle asana work help to strengthen your pelvis and spine to prepare you for the birth.  The benefits often take you beyond the pregnancy stage into the first few weeks of birth.  Women have said that yoga help their bodies bounce back quicker and cope with the rigors of early motherhood.

2. We learn to breathe!

Yoga is very much about mindfulness and focused breathing.  Like many types of antenatal classes, prenatal yoga encourages breathing to relax the body and ensure that abundant oxygen is supplied to the body.  These breathing techniques that show you how to inhale deeply come in especially useful in the third trimester when the baby gets bigger! Centered-breathing is a lovely way to calm your mind too.  It turns off the inner chatter and provides a little mental respite.

3. We bond with baby!

Research has shown that bubs in utero hear your heart beat from 20 weeks and your voice from 24 weeks.  You are already a mum even before bub is born! Yoga time is your personal time with your bump.  It is never too early to start quality time and establish a deeper connection with your unborn child.  As it is often shown that babies in the womb feel a mother’s anxiety or stress, it is important to keep yourself calm and give yourself the tools to cope with the stresses of pregnancy.  Yoga is a great way to establish calm and bring balance back into your life.

4. You are in good company!

 You are in the company of women just like you – they are going through the same emotional and physical changes.  In this supportive and friendly environment, you will find the confidence to enjoy your pregnancy and know that others share your journey. The mental wellbeing of a mum is paramount and our prenatal classes provide a warm and nourishing environment for mums to relax in and gain confidence for impending motherhood.

YIC’s Michelle Bennett is running 4 prenatal classes in July.
20 July 2018 | Friday | 7pm
23 July 2018 | Monday | 7pm
27 July 2018 | Friday | 7pm
30 July 2018 | Monday | 7pm

Special note: We encourage the practice of Yoga only from the second trimester.  If you have any health concerns, please check with your doctor before commencing Yoga.

Single drop in $35 | 4 class package $110
Partners are welcome!