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Calm Your Mind, Sooth Your Senses.

Find joy, release stress and achieve balance with rejuvenating classes.

Calming Yoga

A Mindful and Compassionate Practice.

Our core value, here at Yoga in Common.



Meridien Yin Yoga for Balance, Recuperation and Longevity

Yin Yoga is based on the Taoist Meridian system that suggests that energy or chi is the vital force in all life and the foundation of all vitality. Join Gabi as she guides you through a series of 6 classes to unblock your 12 Meridian points – stimulating the flow of energy, helping you find stillness, and improving your well-being.

Somatic Yoga Teacher Training 50-hr YTT with Daphne Chua

October 2020

Bringing together movement, breath and bodywork, this training will hone your kinaesthetic awareness of multiple body systems. Learn how to sense movement through the fluid content of the body, cultivate a mindful and practical dialogue in healing from pain, injuries, anxiety and stress, and integrate this information into your practice and teaching.

Love Yin? Teach Yin.
Yujmu 100-hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

December 2020

Led by international teacher trainer TJ Maher, the Yin Teacher Training (YTT) programme is highly regarded and much-loved by students worldwide. We are happy to host TJ from Yujmu at YIC in December for the 100-Hour YTT.

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