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Embracing the Light *
Meditation & Activation

With Soraia Bloom

Facilitating will be I, Soraia – Simply, I will guide you through visualisations during the journey. With my voice, both spoken and sung – channeling energies to support the field of which you are within as you drop deep into the self.

So come
Enjoy and relax into your being.
Be taken through a journey.
Guided from start to finish.
Holding, embracing the self – respectfully.
Feeling. Sinking. Surrendering.
Melting into the silent deep waters.
Regenerating, reevaluating energies to purpose.
Open to be showered in blessings of remembrance.
Sounds activating love of self & all selves.
Radiate Integrate

11th of November.
11.11 Gateway opening ~ Closing the gap of seperation.
Fusing through Compassion & Presence

Scorpio New Moon ~ Straight to the CORE for Transformation.
Hidden Urges – sex, money, root fears and psychological programming.
We sit within the pulsating growing energy of The New Moon on the 12th of November.


Options to lay down fully or sit.
Time for silence will be given for integration.
Bring along writing material of your choice.

Welcome. You are invited into this sacred space of welcoming and embracing the light into all parts of you. On this day, the energies are very supportive of coming into being and presence with the parts of us we hide in the dark – both of light and lack there of.

There are aspects of our subconscious that we allow ourselves to breeze past without second thought or the intention to expose illusions into the truth of what truly is within our hearts. We live with and live out stories that are untrue to who we truly are – let us gift ourselves with presence and love where called for.

Past Workshop Details

Date: Wednesday, 11th Nov 2015
Time: 7:30-9pm
Price: $25 per pax