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Deepen Your Practice

With Matthew Exley and Maria Couanis

 Your Energy

Is it worth more than only for the purpose of material gain? Energy is your currency in the world,  how are you using this most valuable resource? The greatest gift you can give is your awareness to your thought, word and action in alignment with clear intention. This offers you the potential to bring about self responsibility, enabling an expression of authenticity, energy and love. This workshop will cover the practices of asana, pranayama, kriya and yoga nidra. Combined together these practices will create a change in the nervous system allowing deeper relaxation and calmness to expand ones awareness. If you are feeling that practicing yoga on a physical level is not bringing the clarity of mind in everyday life you are looking for then come join us to deepen your practice as we guide you through clearing and energising practices for the mind and body, creating heightened awareness and balance.


Matthew Exley

“Through surrender to our breath, our mind and body is transcended and what remains is the true essence of our practice” The principal teacher and founder of the Twisting Fish yoga studio in Perth Western Australia, Matt found the practice of yoga in 1992.  It was the life change that he had been searching for. His experience began in Iyengar yoga where he practiced and trained for several years, completing a two-year teacher-training course. Later, Matthew was introduced to the vinyasa system of Ashtanga yoga, which he practiced for several years under the guidance of some of the worlds leading Ashtanga yoga teachers. This eventually developed to Matthew practicing Vinyasa methods and Kriya yoga. He has also had the good fortune of teaching in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe, creating a wealth of knowledge and experience. Through his teaching Matthew wishes to share the knowledge of his teachers and his own experience of this truly magnificent practice of the life of yoga. In Matthew’s classes, you will move from a base of Kriya Yoga connecting you to a deeper subtle experience of yoga. Matthew has found from his own personal practice that a combination between the subtle aspects of Kriya and the more gross aspects of slower Vinyasa movements leads one to a calmer mind and a cleaner body. This facilitates the stillness of awareness needed for the dimension of yoga to open up.


Maria Couanis

Maria’s first experience of yoga was when she opened up BKS Iyengar’s book, ‘Light on Yoga’ in 1985. From that moment she was drawn to yoga. She likes to think that every form of yoga has something special and amazing to give and having learnt from different teachers and many styles, she likes to give back a little from all the different practices. Maria feels they all lead to the one path, the wonderful world of yoga. From the many practices of yoga Maria has studied , she was drawn to the practice of Yoga Nidra and brings the love of this practice to her students. Maria spends her time sharing yoga with young children in schools to adults in studios.  Matthew and Maria run yearly international yoga retreats for those wishing to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga.


This workshop is open to all levels : beginners to seasoned practitioners.

Friday 10 Feb 2017

7pm – 8.30pm

Foundation Evening (Opening Talk/Pranayama/Meditation/Yoga Nidra)

Saturday 11 Feb 2017

10am – 12 noon

Establishing intention (Subtle Asana/Pranayama/Yoga Nidra)

Sunday 12 Feb 2017

10am – 12 noon

Tapas Integration (Subtle Asana/Pranayama/Yoga Nidra/Sankalpa)


Early Bird $210
(book by Friday 27 Jan 2017 )
Full price $260

Please note that all three sessions are to be taken together, as each session builds on the previous one.   To register, press the button on the left to go to our booking system, or email Vivian at or SMS/call 9698 5771.  Registrations are essential.