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Daring to Rest: #YesToSleep

Woman and Sleep. The relationship between these two are so natural and essential but yet, the modern woman has never felt less rested nor more fragile and vulnerable.
Do you feel bad for sleeping in? 
Or are you vexed for not being able to get to sleep? 
How often do we go to bed with a headful of internal dialogue, judgement and to-do lists?
In this two half-days workshop, you will be guided through Daring to Rest yoga nidra meditations to enjoy deep rest. Yoga nidra is a sleep-based relaxation technique. Each time we lie down (or sit, if you prefer), we will go through guided breath work, body rotations, and visualisations that are known to help people rest and sleep better. There are no fanciful yoga poses to do. In fact, each time we lie down, expect a delicious time of doing nothing.
As women, we are everything to everyone. We are mother, daughter, wife, carer, worker, colleague, confidante and friend. We tend to look after everyone and sometimes, our own needs take a back seat.
This March, as we celebrate International Women’s Day and World Sleep Day, we invite you to rest and thrive together.
Ladies, let’s say #YesToSleep!
We take a rest-full journey inwards in our favourite PJs, release our many layers of fatigue and exhaustion, and then rise strong and calm and ready to take on the world!
Guests will be gifted with a Daring to Rest yoga nidra recording at the end of the workshop. You can continue your journey of rest so say “Yes to Sleep!” with You Min and the team at YIC!
23 March 2019, 2 pm – 4.30 pm
24 March 2019, 1 pm – 4.30 pm
$150 early bird (up till 28 February 2019)
$180 normal
No. of pax: maximum 12
1x Daring to Rest yoga nidra audio recording (for all)
1x eye pillow from The Sewing Room (for early birds only)


About You Min Yap:
You Min is a trained Daring to Rest yoga nidra facilitator and a certified nature and forest therapy guide. In this do-ing more and faster culture, she stands for self-care, embracing slow practically and re-connecting with nature – both inner and outer, to thrive better. A pioneer guide in Singapore and the Southeast Asia, she has been invited to facilitate and present at several workshops, retreats and seminars including in Finland and Thailand. She is the founder of Xiu Nature Connections.