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Hatha Flow

Come and practice the fundamental poses (asanas) of yoga in our beautiful space. Our teacher will guide you safely through each pose with options, depending on your ability and preference. The practice of Hatha yoga will help you strengthen, tone and stabilise your body. Suits all levels.

Mysore (Ashtanga)

The set sequence of Ashtanga Yoga is taught in the tradition of Sri K Pattabhi Jois, where yoga poses are taught not to a group, but to the individual, and one pose at a time. The silence of the class and the set sequence allows you to focus on your self: your body, breath and movement. Through a patient and dedicated practice, you will achieve stillness of mind combined with strength and flexibility in the body. Beginners are welcome!

Guided Ashtanga

In a guided class, the teacher leads the class through part of the primary series. This is a dynamic and physically demanding form of focused movement. Over time, you will build a familiarity with the sequence and poses, enabling you practice the half-primary or full Primary Series on your own. We recommend some yoga experience, but we welcome those students who are new to Ashtanga to join us on the mat!



Mindful Flow (Najiah)

Suitable for anyone who wants a holistic experience of yoga through movement, breath and focus of mind. Creative flow sequences will open and create space in the body and calm the mind.

Yin Yang

Find calm and balance in these unique classes, which blend dynamic ‘yang’ with relaxing ‘yin’ elements. The first half of the class includes an active, energizing flow to brighten, strengthen and increase your energy. This is followed by soothing relaxation through yin postures or yoga nidra, allowing you to let go and surrender into stillness. Yin Yang classes are a complete practice, giving you the best of both worlds so you can emerge feeling refreshed and recharged.

Flow and Stretch (Najiah)

Activate your muscles and joints with a flow before easing into long held stretches to unravel tight muscles. It’s a fantastic way to improve your overall flexibility and mobility.


Calming classes are suitable for everyone, especially:
  • Beginners looking for a gentle introduction to yoga
  • Regular yoga practitioners seeking a balanced practice
  • Sports people looking to complement their active lifestyles with restful recovery and recuperation
  • Individuals leading fast-paced lives who wish to practice slowing down and being in the moment

Yin by Candlelight

This is a soothing and nourishing practice illuminated by soft candlelight. A quiet, introspective, and often profound practice, Yin Yoga is more of a ‘work-in’ than a ‘work-out’. Each posture is held for longer than usual, allowing our connective tissues (and our minds) to soak in the full benefit of the practice. This peaceful practice is for everyone – all you have to do is show up, slow down and surrender.


Get all those knots and tightness out of the body with our dedicated one hour stretch class. We will warm up with some exercises and then get into those areas of your body that are tight from working, exercise or just neglect! Props, support and gentle guiding hands will coax you into stretch poses to leave you feeling relaxed and lengthened!


We invite you to rest. Each pose allows the body to fully relax and the mind to quieten. A long term Restorative practice will aid in managing stress and tension-related health issues such as high blood pressure and tension headaches.



Also known as the “Yoga of Awareness”, we practise a sequence of specific movements, postures and breathwork called Kriyas. We will chant at the beginning and at the end of class, or you may just remain silent and feel the vibrations created by the sound and music surrounding you. This class is suitable for everyone, including beginners. Just come with an open mind and enjoy the experience.


Embodied Movement Therapy

Limited sessions. Our tissues and organs provide the essential components of the patterns from which we weave our original stories. These stories are then recorded and stored in the templates of our autonomic nervous system in the way that we relate to self and others. Your ability to regulate the inflammatory and immune responses, maintain proper organ and metabolic functions, as well as to heal from trauma and disease depend on the proper function of our autonomic nervous system. Join Daphne for a trauma-informed practice that brings together mindfulness, breath work and somatic tools to help regulate our nervous system, release tension and create better ease and grace in movement and relationships.

Special Series

Visit us on our website, Instagram and Facebook to sign up for our unique and limited special series on Sunday mornings. Each series will focus on physical wellness, mental health and spiritual wellbeing.