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Back to Basics

Yoga has been around for more than 5000 years. In this modern day and age, yoga is considered a holistic form of exercise which not only burns calories and tone muscles, it also combines strengthening and stretching poses with breathing and meditation techniques to sooth even the most stressed of individuals.

Yoga goes beyond the physical movement or poses (asanas). Yoga is also a way of life – amongst many other aspects, it is also about acceptance, mindfulness and peace. All humans are the same, we want to attain inner calm and happiness no matter who we are or where we come from. Hence, the aim of yoga that we practise at YIC is simply to help our students attain greater physical and mental wellbeing.

But first, a healthy body.

In the month of November, we launch our 5 class series of ‘Back to Basics’ with the fundamentals of Asana practice and breathing exercises (pranayama).

This general class is suitable for all levels, from those who are new to yoga to those who have some experience and are looking to revisit the fundamentals of the asanas or to revive their practice.

Michelle will take you through the poses as well as some pranayama practice. Being an experienced trainer and instructor, Michelle is all too aware that incorrect postures and alignment can cause not only discomfort and undue pressure on the body, but may discourage students from pursuing yoga as a regular practice.

At the end of your lessons, you are likely to find an increase in flexibility, strength and stamina. With continued perseverance, a lifelong yoga practice will help you stay calm, focused and grateful. We welcome you to join us on the mat every Sunday from the 11th November onwards.

Mats are limited as we aim keep our classes small to personalise your learning experience. We encourage you to book ahead.