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Our Ashtanga August was so well-received that we have decided to run a limited series of Ashtanga Basics classes in September

This 3-week, small group Ashtanga Fundamentals course introduces the Ashtanga Primary Series. Students will learn to do the poses, the sequence and correct breathing, as well as receiving personalised assistance on alignment.

The course is suitable for all levels, from those who are new to yoga to those who have experience with the ashtanga practice and are looking to revisit the fundamentals or revive their practice. Upon finishing the course, you should feel comfortable joining a Mysore class where you will continue to progress through the Ashtanga sequence at your own pace and in your own time.

At the end of the course, you will know:
– Sun Salutation A & B
– Standing Poses
– Some seated poses

You will also have an understanding of the finishing sequence.

Over time, you are likely to find that an ashtanga practice will help you develop discipline and focus while rewarding you with increased flexibility, strength and stamina.

One of our students said it best:

“I have always wanted to do Ashtanga but felt too intimidated. I always thought that Ashtanga was for the super strong …I was surprised that I caught on and this was due to the pose by pose teaching method. I find that Ashtanga is not as scary as I once thought it was, in fact, it is quite the opposite. I strongly urge anyone who wish to try to go for it. Start at the beginning and you will be glad you did!”

11 September 2018, Tuesday
5.30pm – 6:45pm
18 September 2018, Tuesday
5.30pm – 6:45pm
25 September 2018, Tuesday
5.30pm – 6:45pm
3 Ashtanga Classes Package

Bookings are required.