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The Asana Progression Series of workshops is designed to give you the information and tools you need to strengthen your yoga practice and take it to the next level.

  1. We will start with the foundation—activating the core body and learning how the core can support and strengthen us in all our poses.
  2. We will then move onto backbending poses, where we will optimize the use of our deeper core body to help us feel greater ease and less strain in our backbends.
  3. Our third workshop will focus on arm balances—getting us off the ground in a way that feels light and free.
  4. Finally, we will cover inversions: learning the steps to build each of our inversions progressively and safely, and working with common obstacles like misalignments and fear.

Session 1: The Deep Core

Saturday 4 August, 2.30-4.30pm

This session will cover the anatomy and alignment of the core, and will also include breathwork and bite-sized doses of somatic theory as it relates to the core. You will learn cues based on the latest anatomical research to help you go deeper and further in your poses—giving you more benefits from your yoga practice, no matter what style of yoga you do.

We will begin with a full asana practice, exploring poses and movements that activate and ignite your core body. The practice will be workshop-style, with pose breakdowns and detailed instructions to get you into your body and moving optimally. There will then be time for Q&A and discussion where you can get individual attention and personalized advice.

To learn more about the core and what we will be exploring in this workshop, you can read Vaishali’s article: “Why Your Core Matters“.

Session 2: Backbends

Sunday 5 August, 2.30-4.30pm

This session will explore the art of backbending. We will build on the knowledge from the first workshop on the deep core to discover how we can optimally support our spine in backbends. By working with the natural structure of our spine, we can backbend with greater ease and less strain in the lower back and neck. We will also explore breath-work that enhances spinal extension and keep us aligned and centered as we open up. This workshop will go through key backbending actions and postures in detail, with cues that will help you find freedom and lightness in your movements.

Please note that Workshop 1 is a necessary pre-requisite for Workshop 2*.

*except for those who attended the first Core workshop on Saturday, June 9.

Both workshops are suitable for those with 2 months’ practice experience or more. Sign up below.

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As there are limited mats in this workshop, we reserve the right to charge a refund fee of 50% of the fees paid for late cancellations. Cancellation must be made before 21st July 2018 for a partial refund.