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Yoga and Injuries

by Jasz Lau

Some time ago, my hips were injured because I was trying to follow what was taught in the yoga classes and continuously forcing the postures despite feeling the pain. I was constantly reminded by my ego that I am a yoga teacher and nothing should stop me from perfecting my practice, even when I knew that I was injured. Not long later, I noticed I was wobbling on my painful hips in postures such as revolved triangle, warriors, etc. I felt really discouraged and was forced to stop the practice altogether.
I took some time off and started to research on yoga injuries. This is where I picked up deeper knowledge about yoga alignment and therapy. And the most valuable lesson I learned is to step beyond fear and violence (be gentle and compassionate to ourselves) and make peace with my ego. Mastering a posture today, next month or next year is not going to matter.
Pain and injury are our greatest teachers. It takes courage to acknowledge these guidance and wisdom and take steps to make changes for the better.
Stability is the foundation of yoga, before flexibility, strength and everything else can advance. Stability comes with alignment. Find your stability in every posture. The journey of yoga requires stamina; a self discovery journey awaits you.

About Jasz

Jasz believes that yoga is for everyone. Whether it is for physical, mental or spiritual development, yoga says it all. A simple asana (yoga posture) if done with proper awareness can reap benefits as good as a challenging one. She observes that most people feel intimidated in a yoga class when they can not perform an asana; while others stay at a respectful distance from the practice thinking that flexibility is a requirement. Jasz would love to share the yoga practice with everyone, help people see the beauty and benefits of the practice, and invite all to explore this inner journey together.

A strong believer of lifelong learning, Jasz has completed her teacher’s training and started coaching private and group students in 2016. She has learnt about yoga and healing therapies in Singapore, India, Australia and other parts of the world.
Jasz plays the singing bowls, the Chinese flute and other instruments for sound therapy. She studies the therapeutic qualities of sound and incorporates sound elements in her yoga class. Jasz is also a meditation teacher and facilitates healing workshops in partnership with the Ashati Institute, one of the world’s leading providers and creators of energy healing and ascension programmes.

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