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Pregnancy is exciting and joyous and yet incredibly daunting at the same time.  Yoga, combined with good eating habits and a positive outlook, is a wonderful way to keep your body feeling good and your mind balanced.  Join our yoga teacher, Michelle Bennett for 4 prenatal classes this month or for more reasons to do prenatal yoga, have a read of our blog! Partners are welcome.

Class Dates

20 July 2018, Friday | 7pm
23 July 2018, Monday | 7pm
27 July 2018, Friday | 7pm
30 July 2018, Monday | 7pm
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About Michelle

Michelle began her yoga journey as a way to get back into shape after childbirth. What started out as a hobby becomes a life-long passion. Her key motivation is to share her knowledge and love of yoga with others so that they can undertake their own yoga journey.

Michelle began her training with Sri Ramananda Yoga Ashram and has further qualifications in Myofascial Trigger Point and Sports massage; Yin Mindfulness for Yoga, as well as pre and post-natal yoga, Early Children Care and Education. She is experienced in “mummy and baby” yoga as well children’s and teens’ yoga.  Students have described Michelle’s classes as calming, with succinct cues and clear demonstrations.  You can find out more about Michelle here.