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Yoga in Common is excited to announce new Family Yoga classes with Claudine!

A rewarding way for parent and child to share an activity, yoga is a great way to strengthen family bonds through calmer minds.

We have all heard that spending quality time together as a family is important. We have also heard that practicing yoga is therapeutic. But did you know that practicing yoga together as a family has amazing developmental benefits for you and your kids?

You may be a complete beginner to yoga, but it is easy to see how beneficial it can be for children of all ages.

Family yoga is a fun, flowing class for a parent and child of 5 years and up. The class makes use of play, partner poses and props in a non-competitive and stimulating environment. For children, behaviour improves as they learn to regulate their emotions. For parents, the classes encourage living in the moment more with their children, appreciating time together, letting go of any frustrations and focusing more on the little people inside. Through play, mindfulness, visualisation and relaxation techniques, children and parents also learn to calm their minds and relax, which can significantly help with their overall well-being.

The communication skills and loving connections we develop during the safe and relaxed atmosphere of Yoga class will go a long way in serving the family during stressful times.

Family Yoga is a great gift to the world!


Class Time: Fridays 3.30pm to 4.30pm (60min), 16 June – 17 July

Class Size: minimum to start, 2 parent and child pairs

Family Yoga with Claudine

About Claudine Yong Claudine  has been teaching Yoga to children and adults for many years. She is committed to ensuring children and young people achieve their full potential and enjoy a healthy, safe, and happy life. Therefore, classes with Claudine are magical, fun and totally interactive story-style adventures for children! Enthusiasm to love life is contagious around her and you will leave her classes feeling literally uplifted and more connected to your own joyful potential. Besides teaching Yoga, Claudine also volunteers at Institute of Mental Hospital where she works with adolescents  with special needs. She loves fostering love, self confidence and general happiness within each child she works with. She is a ray of sunshine and continuously surprises and delights the children with widely creative Yoga classes.