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Vinyasa 1

Our YIC beginner’s vinyasa practice is about breath, focus and flow. We aim to help you build strength and flexibility by moving in simple vinyasa sequences so that you don’t feel overwhelmed while you are learning. The class will leave you feeling peaceful, rejuvenated, and inspired.  The class is suitable for those who are new to vinyasa, or those who wish to slow down their practice and refine their technique.

Vinyasa: All Levels

YIC’s vinyasa class is meditation in movement. Allow yourself to be present in the moment as you flow through seamless sequences.  This multi-level class will suit those with some experience through to regular practitioners.  Asana modifications and options will be provided so that you can cater to your personal  preference and make this practice your own.


Vinyasa: Sunday Session

This is an all-levels flow class to close our weekend on a positive note and celebrate the start of the working week.  Flow sequences will aim to rejuvenate and the class will end with an extended savasana to renew.
This class open to everyone from beginners up. We will move with the breath through a creative sequence of poses to open and strengthen the whole body. Options will be provided to suit those of varying ability and practice experience.


Mindful Flow (Najiah)

Suitable for anyone who wants a holistic experience of yoga through movement, breath and focus of mind. Creative flow sequences will open and create space in the body and calm the mind.


Embodied Flow (Vaishali)

This is an intermediate-level flow class that integrates deep core work and vinyasa yoga. Sequences and movements in this class are creative and organic, allowing you to build strength and heat from the inside out. Learn to sense into your natural alignment and use your whole body to move in a holistic way. Leave feeling supple, centered, and revitalised. Suitable for those with 3 months’ practice experience or more.


Mysore (Ashtanga)

The set sequence of Ashtanga Yoga is taught in the tradition of Sri K Pattabhi Jois, where yoga poses are taught not to a group, but to the individual, and one pose at a time. The silence of the class and the set sequence allows you to focus on your self: your body, breath and movement. Through a patient and dedicated practice, you will achieve stillness of mind combined with strength and flexibility in the body. Beginners are welcome!

Creative classes are suitable for everyone, especially

  • Beginners looking for a gentle introduction to yoga
  • Regular yoga practitioners seeking a balanced practice
  • Sports people looking to complement their active lifestyles with restful recovery and recuperation
  • Individuals leading fast-paced lives who wish to practice slowing down and being in the moment

Restorative with Essential Oils (Vaishali)

This class combines the soothing release of restorative yoga with the scents of the natural world. The oils and postures work synergistically to enhance your exploration of your inner world. Each class centers around a theme (such as renewal, cleansing, trust etc.) and uses a specific blend of essential oils—both diffused and applied—to help you dive deeper into your own experience of relaxation.

Yin Yang (Vaishali)

This is a part-flow and part-yin class that creatively combines active vinyasa and longer, passive holds. Balance out your Yin and Yang energy and learn to embody both movement and stillness. This complete practice will give you the best of both worlds in order to open, release and strengthen you on all levels.

Yin by Candlelight (Desiree)

This is a soothing and nourishing practice illuminated by soft candlelight. A quiet, introspective, and often profound practice, Yin Yoga is more of a ‘work-in’ than a ‘work-out’. Each posture is held for longer than usual, allowing our connective tissues (and our minds) to soak in the full benefit of the practice. This peaceful practice is for everyone – all you have to do is show up, slow down and surrender.

Vinyasa 1

A flow class is meditation in movement. This class allows you to be present in the moment through simple vinyasa sequences. Breathe and flow to focus and centre the mind, and to build strength and flexibility at the same time. Suitable for beginners or for students who want to take a step back and refine their technique.


Get all those knots and tightness out of the body with our dedicated one hour stretch class. We will warm up with some exercises and then get into those areas of your body that are tight from working, exercise or just neglect! Props, support and gentle guiding hands will coax you into stretch poses to leave you feeling relaxed and lengthened!


Come and practice the fundamental poses (asanas) of yoga in our beautiful space. Our teacher will guide you safely through each pose with options, depending on your ability and preference. The practice of Hatha yoga will help you strengthen, tone and stabilise your body. Suits all levels.


Yoga with Sound (Jasz)

You will move through a gentle yoga sequence in a sound bath of vocals, singing bowls and other instruments. Benefit from the therapeutic effects of yoga and sounds. Learn to sharpen your senses and awareness, and restore the balance of your body and mind through the application of sound therapy in yoga. It is intended to leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and recharged at the end of the class.

Embodied Movement (Vaishali)

This open class introduces new forms of movement that will help you broaden and deepen your felt understanding of your body. We will explore ways of moving that activate the deep core of the body and bring release to common areas of pain like the lower back, neck and shoulders. These movement patterns can also be applied to your yoga practice to help you sense your natural alignment and move with greater ease. Come prepared to inquire, play and discover something new about your body.

Moon Salutation

These special moon salutation classes offer a cooling and soothing practice for the evenings of the new and full moon this month. Be nourished by the slow, fluid pace and introspective focus of this practice. Available on the Monday evenings of 10/9 and 24/9 only.